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We make it easy to protect the ones you love with a variety of life insurance options. It’s never been more convenient to add the security you’re looking for.

A Solution For Every Stage of Life

Life is full of uncertainties, but your family’s financial security shouldn’t be one of them. With a host of companies available, we have all the tools you need to purchase the right policy the first time and not have to worry about it again! With over 80 years combined experience, you can count on us to simplify your life insurance buying process.

Term Life

Term Life insurance is the most cost effective way to provide a large death benefit. Usually, people buy Term Life to replace income in the event of their death. Since policies range from 10 – 30 years, you can put coverage in place during the periods of life when your family depends on you most. Since Term Life policies can exceed $1 million, you can buy enough to replace a income and pay off the house in the event of your death.

This peace of mind comes at a surprisingly low price for those who are relatively healthy.

Whole Life

While Term Life is for a set duration of time, Whole Life policies are permanent insurance plans with fixed premiums (monthly payments) and a guaranteed death benefit.

The biggest benefit of whole life is the guaranteed death benefit whether you die at 35 or 95. This is a guarantee you won’t get from Term Life policies and Whole Life is more expensive for this reason.
Whole Life Insurance policies have guaranteed interest rates with cash accumulation schedules, making everything predictable and stable.

Universal Life

Universal Life policies are most notable for their versatility. The premiums (monthly payment), interest, and death benefit are all flexible, meaning that you can change the structure of the policy after it’s in force. For example you can pay less or no premium for a time or take out a loan against your cash value.

Universal Life policies are usually credited with interest or market indexes. Over time, this can add up to large cash values which can be used as retirement income or large lump sums. These Indexed Universal Life policies use tax shelters to accumulate cash value for later use.