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Whether you’re first buying Group Health Insurance or shopping for better rates, Window to Healthcare has a solution. We work with all major medical carriers in the state of Florida and can custom tailor various plans to your business needs and budget.

With Traditional Group, Level Funded Group, and ICHRA, there’s never been a better time to shop group insurance!

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We specialize in Florida Employee and Employer benefits. Employee benefits include group health, life, dental, retirement, and supplemental insurance. Employer benefits include payroll services and HR tools to make managing your team easier. By keeping everything under one roof, we can save you money and simplify your business. Let us take care of your benefits so you can focus on the things that make your business thrive!

Group Health

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Offer Group Health Insurance!

With Obamacare driving up the cost of individual health insurance, several competitive options have emerged in the group health market. Traditional group health rates are up to 50% less than individual plans, often with better coverage, and new laws have opened the door to innovative ways of offering benefits to your team. We can help groups of any size.

Group Health

Group Health Insurance is the cornerstone of a benefits package, and we shop with all Florida major medical carriers to find the best fit for your team. See all your offerings at once!

Job seekers recognize group health as a critical aspect of any benefits package, and it’s one of the main reasons people stay with a company long term.

Group health is available for companies of 4 or more (including the owner). There are many different companies offering this coverage so it’s important to see options from more than one carrier.


Enjoy the best of both worlds – the predictability of a fixed monthly premium combined with the potential for cost savings if claims are lower than expected. Level funded is a great option for companies with a younger and more active team. Sometimes there are more health questions but this can allow for significant discounts over traditional group.

If claims are lower than expected, you may receive refunds or premium credits, offering potential cost savings compared to traditional fully insured plans.


Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) – This is a new way of doing group health which was signed into law in 2020. Companies who have found group health too expensive are often perfect fits for an ICHRA.

Put simply, an ICHRA allows an employer to contribute any amount they wish to employee insurance premiums (instead of the 50% minimum required with traditional group). Some employees can choose to use Marketplace subsidies instead, which saves on your overall costs.